Pintech at a glance

Small and simple beginning

Pintech started as a home based computer one stop shop in 1998.

Pintech is a registered IT Company in Kiribati  and operates within the Laws of Kiribati

Pintech imports and sells mainly Dell computers, printers, projectors, networking smart switches, servers and storage systems. Staff members are required by Dell to be certified in Desktops, Laptops and Servers so we are comply to Dell requirements and as a result we are Dell Certified Partner.

Pintech provides genuine products and support what we sell . Pintech partners with leading and recognised vendors in the following products:

1. Biometrics – Fingertec

2. Anti Virus – Avast

3. Copiers – Canon

3. Desktops Laptops, Projectors – HP, Asus, Gateway, Toshiba, Benq, Epson

4, Microsoft products – Office Suite, OS and Servers

Other services offered by Pintech includes the following

1. Web and email hosting

2. Computer repairs

3. Satellite Internet

4. Networking designing and implementation

5.Virus cleaning