Vsat (Rics) Customer's

 Vsat System

RICS Ku-Band VSAT system is directly connected via GE-23 and provides unprecedented performance and low latency. Based on the cutting edge SHIRON DVB-S2 ACM Intersky platform, the platform utilises the latest modulation techniques and ensures reliability, availability and throughput. RICS Ku-Band provides:

  • Dynamic allocation of bandwidth between multiple sites
  • Internet services, including browsing, Telephony and Fax over IP, Audio and Video streaming, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Instant Messaging
  • Unlimited downloads or capped services*

KU-Band Bandwidth   





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   Our Customer's

Company name Place Size
Triple T Betio 1.2m /KU-Band
JICA Ambo 1.2m /KU-Band
KEF Bikenibeu 1.2m /KU-Band
Makin Council Makin 1.2m /KU-Band
KPA Kiritimati 1.2m /KU-Band
Punjas Kiritimati 1.2m /KU-Band
Dojin Kiritimati 1.2m /KU-Band
MOEL Kiritimati 1.2m /KU-Band
DNC Betio 1.2m /KU-Band
SOAK Betio 1.2m /KU-Band
MOEL Betio 1.8m /KU-Band
KPA Betio 1.8m /KU-Band
NZ Bairiki Bairiki 1.8m /KU-Band
KPF Bairiki 1.8m /KU-Band
MFED Bairiki 1.8m /KU-Band
Pintech Abarao 1.8m /KU-Band
Kiritimati council Kiritimati 1.8m /KU-Band
SPMS Betio 2.4m /C-Band
MTC Betio 2.4m /C-Band
KIT Betio 2.4m /C-Band
OB Bairiki 2.4m /C-Band
McConnell Dowell Betio 2.8m /C-Band